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A Lil Slice of Heaven

Welcome to My Blog of wellness, wisdom, and family fun!

Hi there! If you haven't figured it out yet, I am Tasha, mom, sister, daughter, Occupational Therapy clinician, entrepreneur, lover of DIY projects, and more, much more. I am woman, and here, I will roar! With a love of natural living, and a belief in whole-being wellness, I created this blog as a platform of positivity to those on their own journey of Life and wellness, offering tidbits, tips, and feel-good fuzzies on holistic living, Life wisdom, and family bonding. I feel blessed by God to do so - to share my lil slice of heaven on Earth, and hope you find my content worthy of your time to read. Life is full of ups, downs, joys, and sad times but with the right attitude and disposition, we can live a beautiful Life with a smile knowing that sad moments don't last forever, and that we define our own happiness and success.

Life can be beautiful, and I have learned to smile and dance in its rain.

Some Things to Know

Here are some community rules and info to know and follow for this blog:

  • This Blog will only post kid-friendly content, meaning no explicit language or images are allowed. I reserve the right to allow, accept, deny, or delete any comments made or commentors posting. Comments deemed inappropriate are not allowed and posters will be blocked if found violating the rules.

  • Blog posts are not intended to be medical advice nor intended to take precedence over any medical or therapy advice readers receive from their physician, therapist or other medical/allied health professional. My posts are my personal reflections and insight, and I am not giving medical or counseling advice to anyone using this Blog. Resources of any information regarding wellness, nutrition, or general health will clearly be listed and given credit for any relative posted content.

  • I will work diligently to post Blog content on a regular basis. Appropriate suggestions for content may be sent to my email address: Please use "Blog Suggestion" as the subject line. Note that suggestions are not in any way guaranteed to be used.

  • No portion of my postings, whether writing or images, are allowed to be duplicated and/or used without my sole permission. All content within this Blog and website is subject to copyright law.

So What Now?

Now we embark on a journey of sorts together. I, as ever evolving writer, and you, as reader of my tidbits, tips, and feel-good fuzzies! Maybe I'll share my latest DIY project, hair-day failure, favorite recipe, most-loved Yoga sequence, or reasons why you should absolutely NOT wear your favorite cowgirl hat with the doors off of your Jeep. Most often you should expect simple encouragement for everyday living. Either way I will post wholesome content to help support you on your personal wellness journey, even if it's just a smile I bring your way. My writing in and of itself, is part of my wellness journey. I'll end this welcome here with a loose quote I once read though I have no clue who said it first - "laugh as often as you breathe and remember to love for as long as you live." Happy trails and blessings to each of you.


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You go girl! So proud of the woman you are becoming. Keep dancing in the rain!


I am so proud of the journey you're embarking on. Can't wait to read more!


Tasha Cunningham
Tasha Cunningham
Apr 15, 2022

Thank you for your support!


Aja C
Aja C
Apr 15, 2022

🥰 can’t wait to read more blogs!

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