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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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It's Your Story, are You Ready for the Next Page?

Let's be honest - sometimes life is hard. Sometimes, it feels as if no matter what you do, nothing seems to go well and you feel stuck. Overwhelmed. Held back. Is this you? You want change for the better. You want to let go of past hurts and current barriers to your peace of mind and well-being. You want to turn a new page and start a new, healthier chapter of life. You know it's needed. You don't have to do it alone. Are you ready to move forward?


Whether seeking professional counseling, or simple life-coaching, our team is here as a resource of guidance, support and encouragement as you move forward to write the next page of your story.

Begin your journey today. Now is the time. 

Team Members

Male model

Manuel Rodriguez
Massage Therapist, CMT
B.A. Psychology

Not accepting new clients at this time

Life-Coach Specialist Experienced Trauma Counselor

Female model

Shanita Allen
Behavior Analyst MS, BCBA

Not accepting new clients at this time


Behavior Modification Therapy

Each team member provides services independently of L.I.F.E. Wellness Studio Integrative Health Practice and manages their own respective rates, accepted payment methods, and availability. L.I.F.E. Wellness Studio Integrative Health Practice serves as an unattached affiliate for each team member and is not responsible for, nor assumes any liability of any issue, dissatisfaction, or harm which arises from their respective services.

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