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Get Outdoors!

All right dear readers, the warm weather is upon us. It is time to go forth and get outdoors! Not only is getting out in nature a healthy activity for mind, body, and spirit, but it also presents numerous opportunities for learning and fun family interactions. Do you have favorite memories from childhood of lazy summer days? Fun trips to the beach, ice cream at the mall, movies with friends, catching fireflies, or finding ways to accidentally-on-purpose run into your school crush? Oh, the memories! In today’s society of hustle and bustle, busy and buzz, we as adults often fail to take care of ourselves in meaningful ways. We fail to take time and enjoy the simple things like lazy sunshine falling across the yard, tossing a ball with the kids, throwing a frisbee for the dog, or walking along a park trail, unplugged from social media and deadlines.

I encourage you to make, then take the time to get outdoors and get in tune with the natural world around you. Some of us have an adventurous spirit but no matter the case, always be mindful of your safety and always stay aware of your surroundings! Disclaimer time: I am not suggesting you go hiking alone in bear territory, set up camp deep in the Everglades, parasail over an active volcano, or swim with sharks! Do not participate in any potentially dangerous activity without the proper preparation, training, equipment, guidance, or supervision needed.

Back to Basics

Are you unsure what to do or where to start, dear reader? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Have lunch outdoors.

  • Start a workplace walk with your co-workers. This does not have to be fitness oriented, just a leisurely stroll.

  • Volunteer at a local community garden.

  • Take a regular solo picnic or invite friends, family, or a loved one to join you.

  • Have a yard? Sit outside or lay on a blanket and watch what wildlife is around you. Try it barefoot!

  • Place a bird feeder at your window or near your front stoop and let nature come to you.

  • Visit your local zoo or walk through a park.

Whether you find something basic to do, or plan a day for a beach trip, hiking, fishing, or kayaking, you are worthy of the downtime away from the busy buzz and hustle-bustle of life. There is so much natural beauty in the world around us waiting for discovery. If I never took the time to enjoy the outdoors, I would have missed out on the photo opportunities you see here in this post, along with the good company of those with me behind the camera. Be kind to yourself dear reader and foster a regular routine of getting outdoors. Life is too short to spend it all on the cliched rat-race. So unplug, unwind. Take time for you. Make time for you. Keep time for you and be well.



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