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Massage Table

Therapeutic Massage Services

Spa Massage

Massage has historical roots in health treatments and regimens dating back to ancient civilization. Modern scientific studies support and prove that massage has positive therapeutic effects toward stress relief, pain relief, edema management and mood.
As part of an integrative health approach to improved well-being, we provide customized table massage for our clients. This includes clients with medical referrals to address specific health issues. Our out-call massage therapy services allow you to be seen and treated in the privacy and comfort of your home.*

Restrictions apply. Contact us for details.

We accept medical referrals for massage.
Clients are solely responsible for filing insurance claims for any reimbursement. We provide detailed session receipts, also known as a superbill, for those filing claims. 

Service Options


Wellness Massage

Relaxation Massage: Various massage techniques will be applied for soft tissue manipulation of the body to promote joint flexibility, pain relief, stress relief, and restfulness of the mind for improved health and general well-being .

60-min     $110
75-min     $135
90-min     $165

Manual Lymphatic Drainage  (MLD)

Light pressure soft-tissue manipulation of the lymphatic system to promote reduced inflammation, relieved skin tightness and relief of edema induced pain.
May be performed pre and post-surgery for various procedures.

50-minute     $80
 90-minute     $140
120-minute     $200

Spa treatment room

Well-Flex Assisted Stretch

Stretch techniques and protocols will be applied to address muscle tension and joint stiffness with the goal of improving flexibility and mobility.

35-min     $55
50-min     $75

* Out-call massage services are restricted to 35 miles. There is a $20 surcharge for mobile services. To avoid cancellation, select Out-call Fee from the Scheduling Page to add this Fee to your purchase. Out-call Fee must be paid at least 24-hrs prior to your appointment or the appointment may be cancelled. 

Packages and Additional Services

Wellness Massage


Package A - 4 sessions $390

Package B - 8 sessions $750


Package A - 4 sessions $490

Package B - 8 sessions $950


Package A - 4 sessions $560

Package B - 8 sessions $1090

Lymphatic Drainage


Package A - 4 sessions $275

Package B - 8 sessions $520


Package A - 4 sessions $510

Package B - 8 sessions $990


Package A - 4 sessions $675

Package B - 8 sessions $1300

Couples Workshop

90-Minute      $110/Couple 

Date fun! Learn the benefit, value and techniques of basic therapeutic touch to promote healthy non-verbal communication and closeness with your partner. Each participant receives massage from their partner. Plan your next dating experience and book today.

must be scheduled by email or phone

For galas, bridal parties, sport events, and corporate events

Corporate &
Event Massage Service

2-hour   4-hour    5-hour

Opt. 1: Chair massage set-up for revolving 15-minute sessions focused on the neck, shoulders and back.

Opt. 2: Pre and Post Sport Table massage set-up for revolving 10-20 minute sessions.

Pricing starts at $325

must be scheduled by email or phone

Phone: 443.877.9361


Gift Certificates
Gift Certificates available starting at $15 off a single session.

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