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Integrative Health Practice.
What exactly is it?

Integrative health, also referred to as integrative medicine, is an approach to healthcare that combines, or integrates, mainstream medicine with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Examples of mainstream medicine include care received at a physician's office, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and psychotherapy.

 It also includes medication prescriptions. Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) involves health approaches that are not considered mainstream such as aromatherapy, massage therapy, meditation, yoga, and chiropractic care to name a few.

By combining scientific, evidence-based strategies from both mainstream medicine and CAM, integrative health practice addresses the whole person through comprehensive treatment plans to improve wellness.

What We do and Why

In physical rehabilitation therapy there is a constant push toward functional gains such as improved endurance, relearning to walk, improved balance, and increased independence with self-care tasks like bathing and dressing. Each of these are very important skill areas, but each of these also only address physical health.

At L.I.F.E. Wellness Studio Integrative Health Practice we believe in addressing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health to encourage healing and wellness of the whole person inside and out, not just the parts one can see. We are committed to bridging the gap between mainstream medicine, and CAM (complementary and alternative medicine). By combining ongoing education and training in physical therapy and occupational therapy with evidence-based CAM strategies, we provide our clients healthy, holistic lifestyle choices that promote both wellness and fitness of their whole being.

we are not a medical practice therefore we do not diagnose illnesses or diseases, nor do we prescribe medications. We do not provide medical or medication advise. Clients will be referred to seek a licensed professional for conditions outside of our scope of practice and may be denied services until medically cleared by a licensed provider.

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Tasha Cunningham

Meet Tasha C.

Tasha Cunningham, COTA/L, CMLDT, CMT
Integrative Health Practitioner

Tasha works with individuals from all walks of life as they undergo physical rehabilitation, providing evidence-based interventions and strategies as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. She states, "We all struggle in life at some point. It's easy to see the physical struggles and obstacles but I've learned as both a clinician and a former patient that the hidden struggles carry the most weight. My patients have suffered not just physical trauma, but injury to their emotional self and mental health. For some, their very identity and fundamental beliefs are shattered. I strive to treat the whole person. Sometimes a simple hello and listening ear works wonders beyond anything we physically accomplish in the therapy gym. I'm fond of telling patients it's not about what you've lost - it's about what you have left and making the best of it because you still have life to live." It's this passion for whole-being wellness that motivates her both in the rehab gym and beyond as the founder of L.I.F.E. Wellness Studio Integrative Health Practice. She is a parent, nature enthusiast, and a self-professed foodie. Tasha maintains ongoing licensed clinical rehab experience working throughout the states of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia as a travel therapy clinician. 

Degrees and Training
Wor-Wic Community College:
AA General Studies
Delaware Technical Community College:
AAS summa cum laude Occupational Therapy Assistant
Academy of Massage and Bodywork - Bear, DE
American Massage and Bodywork Institute - Vienna, VA

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