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A Walk Down Memory Lane

Have you ever just sat and looked back through the years taking in the various ups, downs, accomplishments, and perceived failures of your Life? Have you reminisced of days gone by where Life just seemed easier, more serene, and innocent? As we progress through Life, the challenges and experiences that arise shape us into the beings we are. That begs the question of who are we? More specifically, ask yourself, who am I? Are you someone that has set out on a path that no longer suits you? Have you deviated from a goal you still wish to achieve? Have you found purpose in how you live? Do your days fulfill you or are you just filling your days? Are you headed in the direction that will give you the best possible outcome? I challenge you to look and see. I challenge you to peek inside and discover if you are following a map that fulfills you, nurtures you, respects you and encourages you to be your best self.

Sometimes, we need to take a step back and see where we have traveled from to appreciate our current place. For some of us, we have forgotten to stop and smell the roses and have no idea where we are even going. Is this you? Do you sit and ask yourself where did the time go? How did you get here? Is your current space where you want to be. Are you WHO you want to be? For yourself, your family, your belief, if any, in God? If you are not where you wish to be, or if you are not who you wish to be, never forget that each day is an opportunity to walk toward that destination you seek. Struggles and challenges to get there exist but should not be run away from. I feel challenges and struggles should be embraced and coped with in a healthy, productive manner that will foster a wiser you. Of course, I am working under the assumption that none of you dear readers wish to become a maniacal being, vengeful, spiteful, wicked, and full of darkness. If that’s the case, stop here. My encouragement is not for you. Otherwise, those of you seeking to be your best selves as positive, well, sound-minded individuals, let’s keep rocking it out, shall we?

Let’s look back and see what’s down memory lane. Let’s see what dreams we once held in bright-eyed innocence and wonder. Let’s challenge ourselves to be honest with ourselves and shine a light on the path of our Life to illuminate the best path to a better, healthier, wiser being. If this challenge seems hard, don’t feel as if you need to go it alone! Find a friend, a mentor, or a therapist even to take this walk with you as needed and be willing to grow. Create a vision board and set realistic goals. Also, get and stay motivated! Find motivation here, in healthy exercise, healthy dialogue, and healthy habits. Anyone notice the emphasis on ‘healthy,’ by the way? That is very, very important. No toxicity allowed! No toxic habits, no toxic thoughts, no toxic people. Happy traveling dear reader. Love and blessings to you always.


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