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L.I.F.E. Services

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"Never underestimate the positive inspiration you can be, nor your capacity to spread love and light against the darkness of the world. The brightest flames started as a tiny spark - an ember willing to breathe and burn bright. So, gather your will, take a deep breath, and SHINE."

- Tasha Cunningham

Clients must be at least 18 years old to participate in any of our services for wellness, nutrition, and/or fitness, and are required to complete a health form and waiver. We recommend you consult with your physician before starting a fitness routine or changing your diet.

Fresh Ingredients

Nutrition Consultations


Healthy Breakfast

   L.I.F.E. Nutri-Ed Program

6 Weeks

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching Services

12 Weeks


Personal Enrichment Classes

Classes Vary

kettle balls

     L.I.F.E. Fit-&-Well Classes

Private & Group Fitness Classes

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  Logo Design & Illustrations

     Free Initial Consultation

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